UNESCO-SCOPE Policy Briefs Series

The series focuses on emerging and critical environmental issues. Each policy brief builds on the contributions of experts at international workshops to review current knowledge, highlight trends and controversies, and open perspectives for policy planners, decision makers and stakeholders in the community. The series was launched in 2006 by UNESCO and SCOPE; UNEP also partners in its publication.

Policy Briefs Nos. 1 through 5: ISSN 1994-5027 (Print) - ISSN 1994-5035 (Online)
Policy Brief No. 6: ISSN 1998-0477 (Print) - ISSN 1998-0485 (Online)


UNESCO SCOPE UNEP Policy Brief No 14 UNESCO-SCOPE-UNEP Policy Brief No. 14 - Engineering the Climate: research questions and policy implications. pdf
Unesco Policy Brief  13Cover UNESCO-SCOPE-UNEP Policy Brief No. 13 - Third Pole Environment pdf
UNESCO-SCOPE-UNEP Policy Brief No. 12 - Global environmental change and food securitypdf
UNESCO-SCOPE-UNEP Policy Brief No. 11 - Biodiversity, health and well-being – critical links pdf
UNESCO-SCOPE-UNEP Policy Brief No. 10- The human perturbation of the carbon cycle pdf
UNESCO-SCOPE-UNEP Policy Brief No. 9 - Biofuels and environmental impacts: scientific analysis and implications for sustainability presents some key findings from the International SCOPE Biofuels project that is designed to provide an objective and science-based analysis of the environmental benefits and problems of commonly used and potential future biofuels. pdf
UNESCO-SCOPE-UNEP Policy Brief No. 8 - Towards Sustainable Agriculture. This brief draws on the findings of the International assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD).
UNESCO-SCOPE-UNEP Policy Brief No. 7 Coastal Basins on the Edge: Cumulative effects of multiple human activities where land and ocean meet.
UNESCO-SCOPE-UNEP Policy Brief No. 6 Livestock in a Changing Landscape

UNESCO-SCOPE Policy Brief No. 5 Hidden Assets: Biodiversity Below-Surface
UNESCO-SCOPE Policy Brief - N° 4 April 2007
Human alteration of the nitrogen cycle: threats, benefits and opportunities
UNESCO-SCOPE Policy Brief - N° 3 December 2006
How to improve the dialogue between science and society: the case of Global Environmental Change
UNESCO-SCOPE Policy Brief - N° 2 October 2006
The Global Carbon Cycle

UNESCO-SCOPE Policy Brief - N° 1 May 2006
Indicators of sustainability: Reliable tools for decision making