1. History of Biological Invasions with Special Emphasis on the Old World (7.2MB)
    Francesco di Castri


  2. Patterns, Extents and Modes of Invasions by Terrestrial Plants (6.8MB)
    Vernon H. Heywood


  3. Which Insect Introductions Succeed and Which Fail? (4MB)
    Daniel Simberloff


  4. Invasions of Natural Ecosystems by Plant Pathogens (1.6MB)
    Sharon L. von Broembsen


  5. Patterns, Modes and Extents of Invasions by Vertebrates (6.3MB)
    James H. Brown


  6. Aquatic Plants: Patterns and Modes of Invasion, Attributes of Invading Species and Assessment of Control Programmes (10MB)
    Peter J. Ashton and David S. Mitchell


  7. Temperate Grasslands Vulnerable to Plant Invasions: Characteristics and Consequences (6.4MB)
    Richard N. Mack


  8. The characteristics of Invaded Mediterranean-climate Regions (7.8MB)
    Fred. J. Kruger, G. J. Breytenbach, Ian A. W. Macdonald, and D. M. Richardson


  9. Wildlife Conservation and the Invasion of Nature Reserves by Introduced Species: a Global Perspective (9.5MB)
    Ian A. W. Macdonald, Lloyd L. Loope, Michael B. Usher, and O. Hamann


  10. Characteristics of Invaded Islands, with Special Reference to Hawaii (5.2MB)
    Lloyd L. Loope and Dieter Mueller-Dombois


  11. Ecosystem-level Processes and theConsequences of Biological Invasions (4.2MB)
    P. S. Ramakrishnan and Peter M. Vitousek


  12. Attributes of Invaders and the Invading Process: Terrestrial and Vascular Plants (2.8MB)
    Ian R. Noble


  13. Attributes of Invaders and the Invading Processes: Vertebrates (3MB)
    Paul R. Ehrlich


  14. Mathematical Models of Invasion (4.7MB)
    Mark Williamson


  15. Theories of Predicting Success and Impact of Introduced Species (3.4MB)
    Stuart L. Pimm


  16. Invasibility of Plant Communities (3.6MB)
    Marcel Rejmánek


  17. The Nature and Effects of Disturbance Relative to Invasions (3.4MB)
    Richard J. Hobbs

  18. Chance and Timing in Biological Invasions (3.6MB)
    Michael J. Crawley

  19. Analysis of Risk for Invasions and Control Programs (2.5MB)
    Simon A. Levin

  20. Ecological Control of Invasive Terrestrial Plants (5.8MB)
    Richard H. Groves

  21. Ecological Effects of Controlling Invasive Terrestrial Vertebrates (6.2MB)
    Michael B. Usher

  22. Biological Invasions: a SCOPE Program Overview (3.6MB)
    H. A. Mooney and J. A. Drake