Interactions of the Major Biogeochemical Cycles: Global Change and Human Impacts, SCOPE 61, Island Press, October 2003

Jerry M. Melillo, Christopher B. Field and Bedrich Moldan (editors)


Chapter 1. Synthesis. Cycles of Life and Their Interactions: An Overview.
Jerry M. Melillo, Christopher B. Field, and Bedrich Moldan

Crosscut Chapters:

Chapter 2. Human Disruption of Element Interactions: Drivers, Consequences and Trends for the 21st Century.
Amy T. Austin, Robert W. Howarth, Jill S. Baron, F. Stuart Chapin III, Torben R. Christensen, Elisabeth A. Holland, Mikhal V. Ivanov, Alla Y. Lein, Luiz A. Martinelli, Jerry M. Melillo, and Chao Shang

Chapter 3. Disturbance and Elemental Interactions
Bruce A. Hungate, Robert J. Naiman, Mike Apps, Jonathan J. Cole, Satake Kenichi, Bedrich Moldan, John W. B. Stewart, Reynaldo Victoria, and Peter M. Vitousek

Chapter 4. New Frontiers in the Study of Element Interactions
Scott Ollinger, Osvaldo Sala, Göran I. Ågren, Björn Berg, Eric Davidson, Christopher B. Field, Manuel T. Lerdau, Jason Neff, Mary Scholes, and Robert Sterner

Chapter 5. Potential for Deliberate Management of Element Interactions to Address Major Environmental Issues
Filip Moldan, Sybil Seitzinger, Valerie T. Eviner, James N. Galloway, Xingguo Han, Michael Keller, Paolo Nannipieri, Walker O. Smith Jr, and Holm Tiessen

Background Papers:

Part I - Theory

Chapter 6. Keynote Address. Stoichiometry and Flexibility in the Hawaiian Model System
Peter M. Vitousek

Chapter 7. Element Interactions - Theoretical Considerations
Göran I. Ågren, Dag O. Hessen, Thomas R. Anderson, James J. Elser, Peter De Reuter

Chapter 8. Biogeochemical Interactions and Biodiversity
Valerie T. Eviner and F. Stuart Chapin III

Part II - Terrestrial

Chapter 9. Keystone Molecules and Organic Chemical Flux from Plants
Manuel T. Lerdau

Chapter 10. Elemental Interactions in Brazilian Landscapes as Influenced by Human Interventions
Luiz Antonio Martinelli

Chapter 11. Element Interactions and Constraints on Root Symbiont Functioning
Mary Scholes and Andrew Woghiren

Chapter 12. Multiple Element Interactions and Ecosystem Productivity with Emphasis on Micronutrients in Tropical Agroecosystems
Holm Tiessen and Chao Shang

Part III - Atmosphere

Chapter 13. Element Interactions and Trace Gas Exchange
Torben R. Christensen and Michael Keller

Chapter 14. Acid Deposition: S and N Cascades and Elemental Interactions
James N. Galloway

Chapter 15. Atmospheric Chemistry and the Bio-Atmospheric Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles
Elisabeth A. Holland and Mary Anne Carroll

Part IV - Hydrosphere

Chapter 16. The Role of Iron as a Limiting Nutrient for Marine Plankton Processes
Hugh W. Ducklow, Jacques L. Oliver, and Walker O. Smith, Jr.

Chapter 17. Carbon Silicon Interactions
Venugopalan Ittekkot, Christoph Humborg, Lars Rahm, and Nguyen Tac An

Chapter 18. Interactions among Carbon, Sulfur and Nitrogen Cycles in Anoxic and Extreme Marine Environments
M. V. Ivanov and Alla Yu. Lein

Last up-dated 15 July 2003