November-December 2015

Bioenergy and Sustainability

The World Bank in Washington, DC hosted a debate and discussion session at its headquarters on 28th September 2015. MORE

Bioenergy and Sustainability Project experts led a discussion at a session during the European Union Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) in Brussels, Belgium on 17th June 2015 to present the report “Bioenergy and Sustainability: bridging the gaps”. MORE

The full report results from a SCOPE rapid assessment process workshop led by FAPESP, the State of São Paulo Research Funding Agency. It brings together an analysis of the current bioenergy landscape, technologies and practices with a critical review of their impacts and is available for free download at

The brief, based on the report, is available for free download and distribution.

Benefits of Soil Carbon
“Soil Carbon: Science, Management and Policy for Multiple Benefits” was released nearly a year ago on World Soil Day (5 December 2014). Improving soil carbon management could be the key to addressing serious global challenges affecting millions of people across the world. Chapter 1 “The Global Challenge for Soil Carbon” of SCOPE 71 can be downloaded at MORE

INI – International Nitrogen Initiative
The INI is a global network of scientists that seeks to optimise nitrogen use in food and energy production and minimise the consequent harm to humans and the environment.
Dr Jill Baron has been appointed as the new North America Center Director. See
INI convened the first workshop of the INMS Pump Priming (INMSpp) project, which addresses the potential integrated assessment modelling needs of a future ‘International Nitrogen Management System’ on 5-6 May 2015, at the Royal Society of Edinburgh and will be followed directly afterwards by the 44th Meeting of the Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling (TFIAM) of the UNECE Convention on Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP).

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Environmental Development
A note from the Publisher, Ms Sandra Broerse:
On behalf of Elsevier and Scope, I would like to inform you of some changes in the Editorial team of Environmental Development. MORE

Environmental Development Issue 15 of the transdisciplinary SCOPE journal presents a special section: Sustainable Bioenergy, edited by: Drs Glaucia Mendes Souza, Reynaldo Victoria, Rocio Araceli Diaz-Chavez, Dr Maria Victoria Ramos Ballester.
This issue also includes a research article “Developing a global perspective on improving agricultural nitrogen use” by Will J. Brownlie, Clare M. Howard, Gregor Pasda, Barbara Navé, Wolfram Zerulla, Mark A. Sutton. They discuss challenges now being taken up by the International Nitrogen Initiative and the United Nations Environment Programme. With financial support from the Global Environment Facility, they are working towards an International Nitrogen Management System (INMS) to provide coordinated scientific support for international N policy-making.

Note the new address:
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