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Results of SCOPE scientific syntheses and rapid assessment process (RAP) projects are available in paper and e-book format. The On-Line Library (backlist/out of print) SCOPE Series volumes and the UNESCO-SCOPE-UNEP policy briefs can be downloaded free of charge. In late 2011, SCOPE and Elsevier will publish the first issue of a quarterly journal, Environmental Development, to bridge the gap between fundamental research and application in management and policy practices, and to promote the early diffusion of scientific findings by reducing the delay between research and publication.

Reproduction permission requests should be directed to (SCOPE Secretariat—c/o UNESCO, Bât. 7, room 3.16, 1 rue Miollis, 75732 Paris cedex 15, France, Tel. +33 (0)1 45 68 45 71

SCOPE Series and Other Imprint Volumes

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UNESCO-SCOPE-UNEP Policy Briefs Series

Environmental Development


  SCOPE Series in Print

SCOPE 70 – Watersheds, Bays, and Bounded Seas: The Science and Management of Semi-Enclosed Marine Systems
Edward R. Urban Jr., Bjørn Sundby, Paola Malanotte-Rizzoli, and Jerry Melillo (editors). 2009.
Island Press

SCOPE 69 – Biodiversity Change and Human Health: From Ecosystem Services to Spread of Disease
Osvaldo E. Sala, Laura A. Meyerson, and Camille Parmesan (editors). 2009.
Island Press

SCOPE 68 - Communicating Global Change Science to Society: An Assessment and Case Studies
Holm Tiessen, Mike Brklacich, Gerhard Breulmann, and Römulo S.C. Menezes (editors). 2007. Island Press

SCOPE 67 - Sustainability Indicators: A Scientific Assessment.
Tomá Hák, Bedrich Moldan, Arthur Lyon Dahl (editors). 2007. Island Press

SCOPE 66 - The Silicon Cycle: Human Perturbations and Impacts on Aquatic Systems.
Venugopalan Ittekkot, Daniela Unger, Christoph Humborg, Nguyen Tac An (editors). 2006. Island Press

SCOPE 65 - Agriculture and the Nitrogen Cycle: Asessing the Impacts of Fertilizer Use on Food Production and the Environment
Arvin R. Mosier, J. Keith Syers and John R. Freney (editors), 2004, Island Press

SCOPE 64 Sustaining Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Soils and Sediments
Diana H. Wall (editor), 2004, Island Press

SCOPE 63 Invasive Alien Species A New Synthesis
Harold A. Mooney, Richard N. Mack, Jeffrey K. McNeely, Laurie E. Neville, Peter Johan Schei, and Jeffrey K. Waage (editors), June 2005, Island Press

SCOPE 62 The Global Carbon Cycle: Integrating Humans, Climate, And The Natural World
C.B. Field & M. Raupach (editors), 2004, Island Press. (table of contents)

SCOPE 61 Interactions of the Major Biogeochemical Cycles: Global Change and Human Impacts
J.M. Melillo, C.B. Field and B. Moldan (editors), 2003, Island Press, USA. (table of contents)

SCOPE 60 Resilience and the Behaviour of Large-scale Systems
L.H. Gunderson & L. Pritchard Jr. (ediors), 2002, Island Press, USA.


  Selected SCOPE-related Publications

SCOPE is exploring e-publications and focused publishing houses to reach specific reader and end-user audiences for its own project results and publications in collaboration with its partners.
SCOPE experts are regular contributors to the UNEP Year Book, an annual update on new science and developments that brings emerging environmental issues to the attention of governments and other stakeholders.
Mid-term results of a SCOPE project are often published as proceedings volumes, or as articles in learned reviews.

21 Issues for the 21st Century - Results of the UNEP Foresight Process on Emerging Environmental Issues - The UNEP Secretariat presented the results of the Foresight Process to the Governing Council during its annual meeting in February 2012.  [Link to PDF]
UNEP called on SCOPE to assist in engaging experts from a wide spectrum of disciplines from around the world to answer a set of critical scientific questions and provide a careful and authoritative ranking concerning the most important emerging issues related to the global environment. MORE

UNEP Year Book 2012 – UNEP launched the online version of the UNEP Year Book 2012 in Nairobi on Monday 13 February 2012 prior to the UNEP Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum in late February. See for the two topics-- decommissioning of nuclear reactors and benefits of soil carbon-- drafted at the August 2011 writing workshop convened by SCOPE and UNEP in Prague at the Charles University Environment Center for the Emerging Issues section of this year’s Year Book. MORE

Climate Change and Biodiversity in the Tropical Andes
Edited by Sebastian K. Herzog, Rodney Martinez, Peter M. Jorgensen, and Holm Tiessen. 2011.
This volume, the first comprehensive state-of-the-art appraisal for the region, presents results of a 2-year assessment of the interactions between climate change and biodiversity in the tropical Andes, and of the regional capacities to address issues of research, mitigation and adaptation.

European Nitrogen Assessment
Edited by Mark A. Sutton et al. 2011.
The volume is available for download from the Nitrogen in Europe (NinE) website

UNEP Year Book 2011: Emerging Issues in Our Global Environment
Plastic debris in the oceans, phosphorus and food production, and loss of forest biodiversity were issues considered by international experts at a workshop hosted by SCOPE and UNEP in Prague in August 2010.

Livestock in a Changing Landscape
Drivers, Consequences, and Responses, Vol. 1. Edited by Henning Steinfeld et al. 2010. Island Press
Experiences and Regional Perspectives, Vol. 2. Edited by Pierre Gerber et al. 2010. Island Press

Biofuels: Environmental Consequences and Interactions with Changing Land Use
Edited by R.W. Howarth and S. Bringezu. 2009. Proceedings of the SCOPE International Biofuels Project Rapid Assessment

Applying Ecological Knowledge to Landuse Decisions,
Edited by Holm Tiessen and John W. B. Stewart. 2009.
Proceedings of the international workshop held in Costa Rica by the IAI, SCOPE and IICA.

Changes in the Human-Monsoon System of East Asia in the Context of Global Change
Edited by Congbin Fu, J.R. Freney, and J.W.B. Stewart. 2008. This study of monsoon East Asia is the first in a series of assessments of regional climate change, providing a state-of-the-art summary of current understanding, and serves as a basis to identify knowledge gaps that require future research.



Tradebook publications draw on individual projects and resulting synthesis reports and reach out to a wider public.

Under Ground: How Creatures of Mud and Dirt Shape Our world.
Yvonne Baskin. 2005. Island Press

A Plague of Rats and Rubbervines: The Growing Threat of Species Invasions.
Yvonne Baskin. 2002. Island Press

The Work of Nature: How the Diversity of Life Sustains Us.
Yvonne Baskin. 1997. Island Press


  SGOMSEC Syntheses

Syntheses by SGOMSEC (Scientific Group on Methodologies for the Safety
Evaluation of Chemicals), published in Environmental Health Perspectives, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences-National Institutes of Health, USA, and in other journals:

  • Neurobehavioral Toxicity (SGOMSEC 11-IPCS 24), EHP 104, suppl. 2.
  • Susceptibility to Environmental Hazards (SGOMSEC 12-IPCS 28), EHP 105, suppl. 4.
  • Alternative Testing Methodologies (SGOMSEC 13-IPCS 29), EHP 106, suppl. 2.
  • Methodologies of Assessing Exposure to Combustion Products: Particles and Their Semi-volatile Constituents (SGOMSEC 14), Chemosphere, December 2002
  • Methodologies for Assessing Exposures to Metals: Speciation, Bioaccessibility and Bioavailability in the Environment, Food and Feed (SGOMSEC 15), Journal of Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, September 2003